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Horror Show #1

3.99 GBP 2.99 GBP
1st print comic comes bagged, boarded and signed by creator George Lennox

Written by George Lennox - Artists Chris Connelly, Jason Mathis, Norrie Millar and James Devlin - Lettering by Colin Bell - Cover Art by Alex Ronald

Genre: Horror

A new horror anthology gets its start with a trio of tales, designed to evoke a more traditional feel of older horror comics and movies. Featuring three gory tales A Late Night In Royston, Lost Souls and Partyman if you love horror, you've come to the right place it's showtime!


"Horror Show has an old-school vibe to it that’s difficult not to be drawn in by. A glorious triple header of B-Movie schlock, and another impressive offering from the folks at Cult Empire."